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Rules to remember when looking for a job (1)
Rules to Remember when Looking for a Job

  Smile.  On the phone, when typing your emails, and when you arrive at the interview.  People like happy people. If you are phoning to book an interview or ask for an email address, have a pen and paper handy...

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Getting Feedback on your Applications

I often think that today, in business, communication is the single most important thing.  It certainly is when it comes to customer service!  When we do surveys with our job seekers, it is their number one compliant.  They apply for...

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Keeping up with the Recruitment Times

The Job Market has changed almost as much as the media has, in the last twenty years.  Twenty years ago (if you were looking for a job then, or your parents who are helping you look for a job today,...

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What to do when you start a New Job

Congratulations!  You landed your dream job.  But now the scary part begins.  In South Africa, people normally start a new job on a probation period or contract basis, so the first three months of a new job should be seen...

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How to love your job.

Studies show that out of every 5 people, 1 loves their job, 1 dislikes it and 3 are neutral.  This is unfortunate as we spend more waking hours at work, then not.  Loving your job can be hard, especially if...

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Don’t Make New Years Resolutions- rather try this!

This New Years Eve, don’t make empty resolutions, rather do something that will make 2017 an exceptional year!   Every January we get an influx of job seekers looking for “New Year’s Resolution” jobs or career changes.  While we are thrilled to have...

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How to come across positive in interviews

I know that it sounds cliché’d, but “Shew!  This year is flying!”  This weekend I noticed all the Christmas Decorations coming out in the shops, and there are only six weeks until the schools break up for the year.  I...

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