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How to come across positive in interviews

I know that it sounds cliché’d, but “Shew!  This year is flying!”  This weekend I noticed all the Christmas Decorations coming out in the shops, and there are only six weeks until the schools break up for the year.  I...

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Profile Pictures on CV’s

The latest trend in recruitment seems to be putting a photo of yourself on your CV.  The majority of the population hate having their photos taken, are naturally critical of themselves, and generally object to this.  I have to admit,...

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How to use Job Portals to find a Job

  Thirteen years ago when I started RESOURCE recruitment, I advertised every Sunday in the Sunday Newspaper, and the phones rang off the hook with people applying for jobs on a Monday morning.  Today, I cannot remember the last time that...

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5 Reasons you are not getting Interviews

The biggest complaint that we receive from Job Seekers is “I keep sending my CV and I never get short listed!”  Some job seekers keep quiet about their frustration, never email us, or ask for feedback.  For those proactive and...

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Ten ways to have a better interview

1 Don’t multitask.Switch your cell phone off (not onto vibrate, and leave your family and friends at home..Be present!Focus you attention on the person you are talking to and don’t be distracted. 2 Don’t be opinionated.Go into every interview believing that you have...

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Your Dream Job???

I know that one of the questions that really frustrates job seekers, is “What is your dream job?”, or “What job are you wanting?” because it is not always easy to sum up in a phrase.  Goal setting and dreaming...

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Top 10 things NOT to do in an interview

10 VERY SMALL, BUT VERY SIGNIFICANT ACTS THAT COULD STAND BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR NEXT JOB. Showing up late, forgetting a copy of your resume, having a bad hair day…these are all reasons you might not feel as confident as you’d...

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Are you a victim or do you fight for what you want and learn from your mistakes?  Do you roll over and give up when your job application is unsuccessful?   Recently we have been advertising a lot of positions, dealing with...

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When we were kids, we were taught, “don’t lie, because you will get caught out”, yet as adults, a lot of us forget this, especially when we go for interviews.  In today’s times, there is so much fraud and corruption,...

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