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Common mistakes people make when looking for a job.

Common mistakes that people make when looking for a job: Apply for positions on the dates requested, and as soon as possible.  Applying for positions after hours, or a week after the advert was placed will seldom yield good results. Phone yourself. ...

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Email Etiquette

NETTIQUETTE (or email etiquette to others!) Haaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooo Darling, sweetie, hun, love (well im just checking if you’ll got my cv that I sent to you’ll) .  This news letter is all about email etiquette, “Netiquette” and I have started the email off...

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There is no doubt that at this stage in the year, and this point in our international economy, jobs are a little harder to come by and there are more people out there completing for the job you have your...

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Back to basics

Take a step back, and look at your CV’s, your interview style and your job applications as if you were looking at yourself through the eyes of the company recruiting you. Here are a few things to consider:- Is the CV that...

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Rights of a job seeker

Who can look for a job? Anyone can look for a job.  No one is bound to stay with a company.  Recently I met a lady who was very anxious because she handed in her resignation and her employer said she...

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Counter Offer

What is a COUNTER OFFER? A counter-offer is an offer from your current employer to rival the one you have received from your future employer, to convince you to stay. Counter-offers can take many forms. A straight increase in salary...

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The 90/10 rule.

The 90/10 Rule basically states that 10% of what happens to us in life we have no control over- the other 90% is up to us.  When there is load shedding, the phone lines go down, the petrol price goes...

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Quantify your CV!

When I am short listing CV’s for a position, I don’t want to know “the soft facts”- that you like running or playing the piano on the weekend or that you think you are a “hardworking and loyal employee” who...

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Interview procedures
Interview Procedures

Interviews will differ from one company to the next, but generally they follow the same format.  Knowing what to expect before you arrive will help you feel a lot more confident, not get thrown by questions that you don’t know...

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Dress to impress
Dress to impress

It is said that an interviewer makes a judgment about the applicant in the first five minutes of the interview, and spends the rest of the time justifying the judgment to themselves. It is vital that you prepare for interviews,...

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