Job Seekers

Dress to impress

It is said that an interviewer makes a judgment about the applicant in the first five minutes of the interview, and spends the rest of the time justifying the judgment to themselves. It is vital that you prepare for interviews,...

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Interview Etiquette

Remember when you go for an interview, is that this is your chance to make a lasting first impression.  You can’t afford to blow even one interview because you were unprofessional and did not follow the correct etiquette!  I often...

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Get with the times, get your LinkedIn Profile up and running!

If you have a profile on LinkedIn, then please follow our LinkedIn company page, and share our vacancies with your connections. ( )  If you are not on LinkedIn… then you need to be! I have been in recruitment for over...

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How to prepare a CV

The most important part of looking for a job, without a doubt, is your CV!   Did you know that your CV has 30 seconds to catch Managements attention! You are your CV and you have to make that first impression...

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Covering letters

Covering letters should catch the recruiters eye…. Not drone on and put them to sleep! Now that you have completed last weeks assignments- you know what you want, what your strengths and weaknesses are and what salary you want, you are...

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Goal Setting

What job are you actually looking for? Is it all about the job title and salary or do the duties and nature of the company matter?   DREAM YOUR DREAM JOB! When setting goals for the first time, don’t think “what are my...

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