Job Seekers

How to avoid an employment scam

It was recently brought to our attention that one of our candidates had been victim to one of the latest recruitment scams. In light of this we wanted to inform you of the ways to recognise these scams and how...

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Habit 3: Putting First things First In the first habit we discussed the importance of taking responsibility for your life and what happens to you.  The second habit looked at leadership- accessing your right brain and creating a mental picture of...

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“The Second Habit of Highly Effective Job Seekers” is “Start with the End in Mind”.   Too many people come into an interview, and they have no idea what they want to do, or what they are good at.  They just know...

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Be Proactive

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Job Seekers   The first motivational or self-help book that I read, over 20 years ago, was “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey, and it changed my life.  Not only did it turn me...

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Tips for Looking for a Job Online

10 Tips to Looking for Jobs on Job Portals   When I started in recruitment, things like job portals, social media and online applications did not exist.  We advertised the position in the local newspaper, either on a Wednesday or Sunday, and...

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What do you want to Become?

“Now I think it’s one of the most unless questions an adult can ask a child-What do you want to become when you grow up? As if growing up is finite. As if at some point you  become something and that’s the end.” Michelle Obama, Becoming   I interview 18-25 years olds all the time, and few know where they fit in this world.  Many feel ashamed and are apologetic when they cannot tell us what job they want.  For their whole schooling they have...

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