26 Jun Why use our Recruitment Agency?

  1. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

RESOURCE recruitment was established in 2002, after the owner, Kirsten Glen, has been working in the industry for a number of years.  RESOURCE recruitment prides itself in having an exceptionally low staff turnover, which means that our consultants have developed long term relationships with our clients, and are seasoned professionals in the industry.  Our team interviews job seekers all day, every day, and consultants with our clients on their requirements and job specifications.  This experience translates into being able to often detect irregularities and discrepancies in applicants CV’s and reasons for leaving jobs, and often insights into the best person to fit our client’s vacancies.


  1. We save you time and make your recruitment efforts more efficient

There is often a misconception out there that the market is flooded with job seekers.  While this may be the case to a certain extent, it does not mean that the market is flooded with good applicants with the required skills, experience and work ethic that you are looking for.  With the volume of job seekers that we interview, and have interviewed over virtual interviews throughout lockdown, we have an extensive database of job seekers that have been reference checked and screened, saving you time and getting you straight to the interview stage!  We pride ourselves on always striving to get you CV’s within 24 hours of receiving your applicant requirements.


  1. We thoroughly background check all our applicants.

Having been in the industry for over 20 years, it still amazes me that recruitment agencies still market CV’s to their clients, without having interviewed the job seekers.  In a world inundated with fraud, it is essential to do extensive background checks- telephonically with previous employers, ITC and criminal checks, as well as ID, drivers and qualification checks where needed.  If you are wanting a mentally healthy employee, and one who hold the morals and values of your company heart, and will fit into the team, it also means checking their social media footprint and obtaining a clear character assessment.  We also offer psychometric tests, if this is something that you value.


  1. We are flexible

RESOURCE recruitment has been operating for almost 20 years, but we are still a small, personal business at heart.  This means that we cut the red tape, and meet our clients in the recruitment process, where they need us.  We are constantly innovating and adapting to the constantly changing marketplace; researching new jobs and industries, advertising on new platforms and trying new assessments and recruitment methods.  We also have a variety of flexible fee options, including our “Employ Now, Pay Later Option”  (DM us for more details)


  1. We are leaders in e-recruitment

We are aware that you need to be on every platform possible, to attract the best applicants for your job, so we have worked extensively over the past decade to build a huge following on Facebook (over 20 000 followers), LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram; in addition to our bulk mailer of over 35 000 active job seekers and a WhatsApp Broadcast list of 10 000, in addition to the traditional job portals that all employment agencies use.  We do not know of another local employment agency that comes close to competing with our e- footprint, which means when you let us submit CV’s for your vacancy, we submit different applicants, from a fresh new source.


  1. We are passionate about what we do!

Words cannot portray exactly how much we love our jobs and what we do.  We are passionate about helping both clients and job seekers and are very aware that we have the ability to change the lives of both, and take the whole process incredible personally.  We see ourselves as being partners in our client’s businesses and the careers of our candidates.  We are so excited about showing you what we can do!