17 Jul The Corporate Jungle Gym

Looking for a job is like climbing a Jungle Gym, not a rickety, old ladder.


Years ago, you finished school, hopefully got a tertiary education and got a job.  Either the job was because of your qualification, or it was because of a friend or family member.  Then you stayed in that job for as long as possible, hopefully climbing the corporate ladder, one rung after the other, until you retired.


We don’t live in that world anymore, and if anything, COVID has completely toppled the ladder.


Today, looking for a job is like climbing a Jungle Gym.  Sometimes you have to take a sidestep, or a step down to get to another section, that you may want to climb.  New jobs and industries are emerging constantly, and what you studied may have nothing to do with the job you are offered.  Chances are the job that you were doing 6 months ago, looks nothing like the job you are doing today, or the job will do in 6 months’ time; which means that if you apply for and accept a job today, you have to be open to it evolving over the next year. (This is particularly true now, when companies are employing during social distancing and with COVID restrictions, which will not be in place forever).


This is what you need to know to succeed on the Corporate Jungle Gym:-

  • You need to be an out of the box thinker who looks for opportunity.

Research is showing the promotions & opportunities are going to those that ask for them and go the extra mile.

  • You need to be innovative & confident to tackle the unknown.

Skills are being sought every day in companies, that were never needed before.  Volunteer to take on the assignment, and you may just make it your new career.

  • You need to be a solutions finder, not a complainer.

At the pace business is moving, no one has time for complainers, or employees who are inflexible and want to stay on the ladder.  We need solution finders to take us further, and figure out the next step.

  • You need to be a good communicator.

Today, more than ever, communication skills and attitude are essential.  Business is rapidly evolving, moving to online platforms and remote working, and this increases the demand for good managers, and team players, more than decreases it.  You need to ensure that your social media, email and WhatsApp communication is as professional and effective, as if you were sitting across the table from the other person.


If you have been forced into the job market unexpectedly, or you are a graduate hoping to get that dream job in your field of study, you may have to change your perspective and expectations.  This does not mean that you will jump into a whole new career, but rather than you may just need to be a little more open minded.


The good news is that, you now have permission to set your sights on new & different opportunities that you may have never considered before.  To build on your hobbies, interests & passions; not just your skills, work experience & qualifications.


This Jungle Gym has potential to offer more fun to you than you ever dreamed!