The myth of the 2 Page CV

23 Nov The myth of the 2 Page CV

I personally am not a fan of a one or two page CV… but neither am I of the 10 page CV!


When you are asked to submit a short CV, you should not be asking yourself “What can I take out?”.  You should be asking yourself, “How can I fit more information onto this page?”, without making it look unprofessional.


I often look at abbreviated CV’s, and the first thing the candidate has done it take out their skills and experience (the very reason you would be short listed for an interview and get the job); and leave in their hobbies and interests, which are often irrelevant.


When putting together an abbreviated CV, you want to abbreviate your CV and highlight the most important experience that you have.  Take out the long paragraphs and expansive duties, and bring it down to the important duties you had at your most recent, relevant employment.  List your qualifications (without subjects); and don’t forget to include your contact details!


Finally, make sure that your abbreviated CV is neat, eye catching and well laid out.  There are some fantastic templates to inspire you at