Don’t Dress for your Personality

09 Nov Don’t Dress for your Personality

There is plenty of information out there about what to wear to an interview, what colours and styles best suite your body. But what about the clothes that best suits your personality?

You need to dress opposite to your personality, to balance things out. Generally, when you are nervous, your dominant personality traits are heightened. This means that if you are naturally bubbly and vibrant, you may be a little louder than ideal. Or if you are an introverted accountant, you may be extra reserved and quiet and come off as “flat” or disinterested.

The shy person- mousey; the confident person-pushy!

A flamboyant person should wear neutral colours and clean lines without too many accessories or bold makeup, to counterbalance their personality. Try putting on a coloured shirt, softening your hair and makeup and accessorising; if you feel you come off too serious. If you are shy, dress boldly; if you are very confident- maybe tone it down with softer colours.

When you walk in the door of the interview, you make an impression. The rest of the interview will be spent confirming this first impression.

What sort of impression are you trying to make?