Interview nerves!

21 Oct Interview nerves!

Believe it or not, interview nerves are not all that bad!

Nerves often come when our sympathetic nervous system is activated- that fight or flight response that was designed to keep us safe from danger.  In an interview, if our sympathetic nervous system is activated, your responses are heightened to help you perform better and deal with the stress.  If you have that nervous/ adrenalin rush too early, you can find by the time the interview starts, you are dull and your answers are flat.  Just being aware of this, can help you to consciously “dial up the energy”.  The opposite is also true- when your sympathetic nervous system is over stimulated by nerves, and you are unable to settle and focus.


Whether you are feeling flat or overly anxious, I find the best solution on the way to the interview, is to sing and dance.  Turn up the music and sing along at the top of your lungs (or just imagine you are 😊).  Dance a little in your car seat.  Burn off some of that nervous energy (or build up a little energy- whichever you need).  I promise you will feel better!


Remember, those nerves- they are going to make you perform at your best!  Embrace them, don’t view them as an obstacle.