10 May Ten ways to have a better interview


Don’t multitask.Switch your cell phone off (not onto vibrate, and leave your family and friends at home..Be present!Focus you attention on the person you are talking to and don’t be distracted.


Don’t be opinionated.Go into every interview believing that you have something to learn.“Everyone you meet knows something you don’t.”


Smile.Take a deep breathe.It’s just a conversation at the end of the day with someone who is interested in you.


Go with the flow.Thoughts and questions will come into your mind- let them go.Too many interviewers stop listening when a great question comes into mind, and hang onto that question/ answer, waiting to ask it.


If you do not know, say you don’t know.Talk should not be cheap.


Never equate your experience to theirs.It’s never the same.


Don’t repeat yourself- it’s boring!


Don’t focus too much on the titles, focus on the duties.Give quantities and amounts so that they can gain a clear picture of what you did and your responisbilities.


Listen.Buddha said- If your mouth of open you are not listening.Steven Covey- Too many people listen with the intent to reply, not the intent to understand..


Keep it brief.There is no need to talk forever- it’s just an interview, not a therapy session!

But at the end of the day, the most important thing is to be honest, sincere and POSITIVE. 

People like positive people.  Please want to surround themselves with positiive people.