04 Jun Treat looking for a new job, as you would setting a new goal.

Looking for a job, is not really that hard–  Job Seekers just tend to go about it the wrong way.  Often they don’t know where to start, and the process can be a little overwhelming.  It is easy to lose sight of what you are actually trying to achieve, which ultimately leads to you getting demotivated.


The fundamental mistake that most job seekers make when they enter the job market, is that they enter it with the wrong emotions.  They are shocked having just been retrenched; or hate their current jobs, and start looking out of anger and disappointment; or perhaps are broke and desperately just need money!  Looking for a job is not an emotional thing- it’s a professional, well thought out career move.  The people getting those amazing new jobs- they never got them because they were scared, desperate or angry- they got them because they were focused, professional, had value to add their new employers.


To get the job of your dreams, you have to treat looking for a job the same way you would set a new goal.  Here are some steps that you can follow:-

  1. Decide

What is your goal?  What job do you want?  Companies want to employ people who WANT to work for their companies, who are passionate about the industry, type of work or the company itself.  It shows in interviews if you are applying randomly and don’t know what you are actually wanting, and your answers to the interview questions with lack the depth a job seekers who has a goal, will show.  Knowing what you want keeps you focused and makes answering interview questions a lot easier.


  1. Write it down.

A goal that is not written down, is just a wish.  There are numerous studies that show that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them.  Once you have written down what job you are wanting in detail, keep the information safe and refer back to it before every interview at revise it at least once a week.  (It is ok to revise your goal and change and tweak it as you go along and learn more).    You may not know the job title of the job you are seeking (and I am not a fan of titles), but make a list of the duties you want to do.  It may help to ask yourself what you enjoyed most and least/ what you were good or bad at, in previous jobs or while you were at school.  Write down the geographical area, the working hours, the salary, the benefits and everything else that is important in your next position.


  1. Tell someone. Telling someone we know about our goals also seems to increase the likelihood that we will stick at them.

Tell people about what you are looking for.  The easiest way to find a job is through networking.  Get excited about the job seeking process.  Ask people for advice and input, but stay away from people who are negative and will not share in your excitement for this new goal.


  1. Break your goal down.

Write down a “To Do” list of everything that you need to do to achieve this goal, i.e. break your ultimate goal down into smaller goals.  It’s easier to get your head around smaller goals, and as you tick each one off your list, it will take you closer to the bigger goal, and keep you motivated as you can see progress.  This list may include things like:-

  • Prepare a CV. You may need to research what this entails.  Possibly prepare two different CV’s if there are two different types on jobs that you need.  Have a look at our website 2r.co.za for tips on how to prepare a CV.
  • Research which agencies you want to send your CV to and phone the agencies to try get appointments.
  • Research which job portals are most active in the field you are looking, and register your CV in detail on them.
  • Find a suitable outfit to wear to interviews. There is a newsletter on our website with helpful hints and tips on how to dress to impress.
  • Make a list of questions that you may be asked, and write the answers down. Our Pinterest Page has a board dedicated to Interview Questions.
  • Make a list of companies that you would like to work for and phone their HR Departments or look on their websites to see if they have any openings.
  • Motivation is important, so set yourself a goal to read some motivational posts or watch TED or You Tube videos. Every day, write down one this that you are grateful for in your current job or your life.
  • Anything that you plan to do here- do it 100% or not at all! Type a professional CV, don’t scan an old copy with scribbles on it.  Register CV’s on job portals in as much detail as possible, etc

For all the smaller goals you need to set deadlines and quantify what you are going to do. This may be to spend 30 minutes on the internet three times a week looking for suitable vacancies; or to follow up within a week of every email application for feedback.  You could set a goal to send your CV to three possible companies each week.


  1. Keep focused.

Don’t get temped to start sending your CV off for every job out there.  Keep your focus and keep reading your ultimate goal which you wrote down in the beginning.  Only apply for jobs that meet 70% of your requirements (area, salary, working hours, industry, etc) and are jobs that you could see yourself doing.  Job seekers who lose focus and start sending their CV’s off for everything, get lost of rejections and get demotivated very quickly.


  1. Keep going.

Remember: Activity Breads Activity!  Consistently keep at your goals and keep reminding yourself of what you want and how amazing it will be when you secure your dream job! Ask for feedback when you receive rejections,  so that you can improve your next application and clear up any mis-communications, and silently thank each person regretting you- they are freeing you for the perfect job, which that one was not.


Celebrate every interview you are offered, every target you reach, all the positive feedback you receive.



The word “motivation” comes from the word “motive” which means to move.  So if you want motivation, take action.  You will be surprised how each little step you take, makes you more positive and motivated- and things will snowball from there.  Remember also, that all great things come from repetition.   The nail goes into wood after repeated hits.  Just keep at it!


You can have any job that you believe you can do, that you believe you deserve and that you believe you will add value to the company.  Keep positive, and keep focused.  You can do this!


Yours in recruitment

Kirsten Glen