Virtual Job Interviews: Why the Details Matter

12 Apr Virtual Job Interviews: Why the Details Matter

Virtual Job Interviews: Why the Details Matter


Four years ago, we never dreamed that virtual interviews would become part of the new norm! While the opportunity to have virtual interviews brings about convenience and flexibility, it also poses unique challenges, one of which is the temptation to become complacent. In this blog, we delve into why it’s crucial to maintain focus on the small things during virtual job interviews.


Be mindful of becoming too comfortable.

Virtual interviews can create an illusion of comfort. After all, you’re in your familiar surroundings, perhaps taking a break from doing the housework or taking care of the children; or taking a tea break at work and stepping outside.  Never lose sight of the fact that you are in a formal job interview.

TOP TIP: Don’t walk around during the interview- it can make the interviewer feel “motion sick” and distracted.  The best place if you can’t control your environment, is in a car.


The Impact of First Impressions.

In a virtual interview, your first impression is often conveyed through your virtual presence. From the moment you join the video call, every action and detail matter. Are you punctual? Is your background professional and uncluttered? Are you maintaining eye contact by looking into the camera rather than at your screen? These seemingly minor aspects collectively contribute to the impression you make on the interviewer.

TOP TIP: Don’t look around.  When your eyes are darting around, distracted by someone behind the camera, it’s very noticeable to the interviewer!


Attention to Detail Reflects Professionalism:

In any job, attention to detail is a highly valued skill. Your ability to focus on the small things demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to excellence. During a virtual interview, this trait becomes even more critical. Simple actions like ensuring your audio and video are functioning correctly, dressing appropriately, and maintaining good posture exhibit your attention to detail.

TOP TIP: Print a copy of your CV to go through as the interview goes through it.


Technology and Loadshedding Should Not be an Excuse.

One of the most significant challenges of virtual interviews is technology glitches. From poor internet connectivity to audio or video malfunctions, technical issues can disrupt the flow of the interview and leave a negative impression, and both parties frustrated.   As South Africans we are all well aware of the impact of loadshedding on connectivity.  Don’t accept an interview during regular loadshedding times in your area, or make the interviewer aware of this problem upfront.  If you do not frequently make use of video calls, video call a friend well in advance of the interview for a chat, and ask them to take screen shots of your background so that you can see your setting through your interviewers eyes.

TOP TIP: Never sit in front of a window/ light, or you will become a silhouette!


Virtual job interviews offer convenience and flexibility, but they also require heightened vigilance and attention to detail. Complacency can be tempting, but it’s crucial to resist it. By focusing on the small things – from your virtual presence to your technical preparedness – you demonstrate your professionalism and commitment to success. In a virtual world where first impressions are made through screens, the details matter more than ever. So, the next time you have a virtual interview, remember: it’s the little things that can make a big difference.