When can children start work?

06 Dec Know Your Rights: When can children start work?

Know Your Rights:

Prohibition of work by children.

  • A person must not require or permit a child to work, if the child—

(a) is under 15 years of age; or

(b) is under the minimum school leaving age in terms of any law.


  • A person must not require or permit a child to perform any work or provide any services—

(a) that are inappropriate for a person of that age;

(b) that place at risk the child’s well­being, education, physical or mental health, or spiritual, moral or social development.


  • A person who requires or permits a child to work in contravention of subsection (1) or (2) commits an offence.

(You can download a full copy of the Act Basic Conditions of Employment Act No  here)

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