Part Four: Your future employer is going to cyber-stalk you.

13 Jan Part Four: Your future employer is going to cyber-stalk you.

Before you are employed- possibly before you are even interviewed- your future employer is going to stalk you on the internet.  I know this, because it’s the first thing that I would do, and most of my clients do as well 😊!  And its perfectly fair and ethical to “invade your privacy” and make judgements on what is on your social media accounts… because you made it public!

You have the power to decide what people see and do not see on your social media profiles, by changing your privacy settings and thinking before you post.  By looking at little details such as your display name, account name, email address, statuses, and profile pictures.  Your WhatsApp Profile picture may be my first visual impression of you.

Take a moment to scroll through your account and look at your posts through the eyes of a future employer.

And while we are on the topic of digital accounts- do you have a LinkedIn Profile?  If not, it is time to get one.  Think of LinkedIn as the professional Facebook for the business world.  Next week I will post a few hints and tips of putting together a professional LinkedIn profile.