Part Two: Who wants this job- you or your mom?

13 Jan Part Two: Who wants this job- you or your mom?

Every recruiter’s pet peeve- when a girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, wife; or in this case- parent, phones on behalf of their child to find out about jobs.

When you are starting your career, there is not a lot on your CV to “sell” you.  Most of the time when we book in a school leaver or graduate with no experience for an interview, it is because they impressed us with their communication.

If you are not the one communicating with us, how will we get to know you? How will you form connections/ network? How are we supposed to know that you are confident enough to speak to people on the phone or construct a professional email?

(A side note to the parent: I know you care.  I know that it’s easier for you to just get it done.  I know you are at work to access to your employers’ phones and internet.  I am a parent too. But you undermine your children when you phone for them.  Respect them enough to let them do this themselves.)