What contact details do you include on your CV?

05 Apr What contact details do you include on your CV?

When you prepare your CV, contact details are often the most obvious details that job seekers overlook.
Check your CV to make sure that the following information is on your CV before your apply for a job.
1. Address
You do not need to put your exact physical address or postal address (because no one posts letters of regret anymore!) But it is very important that you state the area that you live in, to the nearest suburb. This is also the field that job seekers neglect to update, and result in them being regretted unnecessarily for positions that they would have been suitable for.
2. Email address
If you are applying via email, it is essential that your email address is on your CV. The first time your original email with your CV is forwarded on to someone else; or your CV is downloaded, it is separated from your email address, and the chances of you getting feedback on your application will be slim.
3. Cell phone Number
It sounds obvious, but a lot of people forget the obvious!
4. WhatsApp Number
If you were with one service provider, and moved to another, chances are you have a different WhatsApp Number to your cell phone number. If this is the case, list both. Many companies make use of WhatsApp for Business, and communicate via WhatsApp
5. LinkedIn Profile
If you are active of LinkedIn, your LinkedIn profile should mirror your CV. It is an opportunity for your share your endorsements and skills, and any projects and articles you may have worked on.