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Basic Conditions of Employment Act

Basic Conditions of Employment Act is the most basic, lowest conditions of employment that you can offer an employee.  You may offer them more, or better, than the basic condition, but not less.  If you do not give an employee...

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Withdrawing offers

Recently I received a very interesting article from the CCMA titled “Withdrawal of Offers of Employment- Does this constitute dismissal?”.  It was a very interesting, detailed article, so I thought that I would summarize a few key points for you. ...

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Pregnancy in the Workplace

“Pregnancy in the Workplace” and your rights and responsibilities with regards to employees that may fall pregnant and need to go off on maternity leave.    PREGNANCY AND YOUR RIGHTS IN THE WORKPLACE LEGAL FACTS The constitution protects a person’s right to make decisions...

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Interview questions!

Whether you interview everyday, and get bored with your standards list of interview questions, or whether you  seldom interview and don’t know what to ask, we thought that it would be nice to share some new and old ideas of...

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Probation Periods

Ten years ago, if you put someone on probation and during or at the end of the probation you decided that you did not like them, you could tell them to leave- no questions asked.  Labour law and probation periods...

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2015 Domestic worker
2015 Domestic worker minimum wage increase

The new domestic worker minimum wage increase is effective as of the 1st of December 2015, below please find a useful table and and click on the link provided  for more information from the South African Labour Guide. provided DOMESTIC WORKER MINIMUM...

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November Top Candidates
November 2015 Top Candidates

Have a look at some of the stunning candidates that we have interviewed over the past month.  To view their CV’s in detail or if you have any other positions that you require assistance with, call RESOURCE recruitment on 0317640787...

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Jobs Descriptions and Job Order Forms

Drawing up a job description before you start looking for staff, may just save you a lot of time receiving the wrong CV’s and interviewing suitable people. Drawing up a basic job description for all new appointments should not be a...

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what not to ask
What not to ask

  The law states that we may not unfairly discriminate against job applicants.  This means that an interviewer may not show favour, prejudice or bias for or against a job applicant on the basis of for example, race, gender, sex, pregnancy,...

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september top candidates
September Top Candidates

We are half way through September and already we have seen some stunning candidates!  Here are a few of them.  If you would like to see their CV’s in detail, or have any other positions that you would like assistance...

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