Kirsten’s Corner

Part Three: Tertiary Education sells you on Dreams

It’s sad, but true.  Tertiary education is a business like any other.  They must sell you on studying qualifications through them, with the promise of amazing careers, dream jobs and huge salaries.  The truth is, that a lot of the...

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Part Two: Who wants this job- you or your mom?

Every recruiter’s pet peeve- when a girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, wife; or in this case- parent, phones on behalf of their child to find out about jobs. When you are starting your career, there is not a lot on your CV...

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Put it in writing

“Researchers selected a large number of people who had made New Year’s resolutions.  They then divided these people into two categories: those who had set New Year’s resolutions and written them down and those who had set New Year’s resolutions...

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It’s not Christmas yet!

20 Years ago when I started my business, I shut each year from the 15th of December to the 15th of January.  A lot of companies shut for “builders shut down”.  But the world has changed, and a lot of...

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The myth of the 2 Page CV

I personally am not a fan of a one or two page CV… but neither am I of the 10 page CV!   When you are asked to submit a short CV, you should not be asking yourself “What can I take...

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Don’t Dress for your Personality

There is plenty of information out there about what to wear to an interview, what colours and styles best suite your body. But what about the clothes that best suits your personality? You need to dress opposite to your personality, to...

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