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Paul- IT Professional- R30 000

Paul studied his BTech in Information Technology, graduating seven years ago, and immediately securing a position as an IT Technical Support Specialist for a national group of companies.  Over the years, Paul has gained extensive experience in MS Office; VPN...

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A Letter to the Class of 2022

Dear School Leaver   There are a few things that your LO Lessons probably did not tell you about looking for a job after school, that I wanted to share with you.   Your matric results do not definite how successful you will...

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Tommy- Graphic Designer/ eCommerce- R15-18000

Tommy studied towards his BA Graphic Design and has a Certificate in Web and Graphic Design.  He is fully computer literate in Adobe Creative Suite, Google Analytics, WordPress backend and has a passion for Social Media Management.  For the past...

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Part Three: Tertiary Education sells you on Dreams

It’s sad, but true.  Tertiary education is a business like any other.  They must sell you on studying qualifications through them, with the promise of amazing careers, dream jobs and huge salaries.  The truth is, that a lot of the...

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Part Two: Who wants this job- you or your mom?

Every recruiter’s pet peeve- when a girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, wife; or in this case- parent, phones on behalf of their child to find out about jobs. When you are starting your career, there is not a lot on your CV...

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Put it in writing

“Researchers selected a large number of people who had made New Year’s resolutions.  They then divided these people into two categories: those who had set New Year’s resolutions and written them down and those who had set New Year’s resolutions...

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