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Be Mindful

It’s a stressful time for everyone.  This situation that we find ourselves in is completely unprecedented, and the unknown the future holds just amplified that stress.  It is so hard to not completely panic and be crippled by anxiety, but...

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Let’s Chat

The world is changing and so is the way we do business.  2020 has seen businesses globally, from big to small, being given the “virtual shove” into changing the way that they do things- working remotely and communicating electronically.   Since the...

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How to avoid an employment scam

It was recently brought to our attention that one of our candidates had been victim to one of the latest recruitment scams. In light of this we wanted to inform you of the ways to recognise these scams and how...

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CV Fraud Punishable by Law

In August 2019 an Amendment to the National Qualifications Framework Act was gazetted, which will have a direct impact on job seekers and employers.  Among other things, the act makes direct mention of job applicants and employees misrepresenting themselves on...

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The National Minimum Wage Act

  The National Minimum Wage Act As of January 2019, the first ever National Minimum Wage Act came into effect, and while most employers have embraced this initiative, we thought that we would give you a summary to re-cap.   What is the rate? The...

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Habit 3: Putting First things First In the first habit we discussed the importance of taking responsibility for your life and what happens to you.  The second habit looked at leadership- accessing your right brain and creating a mental picture of...

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