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Interview nerves!

Believe it or not, interview nerves are not all that bad! Nerves often come when our sympathetic nervous system is activated- that fight or flight response that was designed to keep us safe from danger.  In an interview, if our sympathetic...

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Tanya- Junior Bookkeeper (BCom)- R10500

Tanya has her BCom (Financial Management) and for the last two years has been working for an accounting firm.  Her duties include doing the bookkeeping for 30 entities (15 each month depending on the VAT cycle), from source document through...

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Sam- Graphic Designer- R27500CTC

Sam has worked for a leading nutritional brand for the last 10 years, since completing her ND in Fine Art, Animation and Design (in which she received awards for her Designs).  In her current role she has been instrumental in...

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Natalie- BCom Accounts- R7500

Natalie will not be on the job market long!  This well presented, friendly candidate completed her degree through Varsity College in June 2022, after having taken a bit of a break last year to take up an opportunity to gain...

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